2019 Season open!

Come join us at the mystic island of Seopseom, 

only 10 minutes away from the Seogwipo’s Bomokhang Port, 

in our underwater adventure among the soft corals and seaweed.

You don’t have to fly out to Southeast Asia to see coral reefs: 

Seopseom Island’s fantastic coral formation is more than a match!

Have you ever seen how beautiful the seas of Jeju are? 

If you have, you would wonder 

why Jeju never had the island hopping tours 

so common in other places around the world.

There are the beautiful seas of Jeju. 

Now’s the time to go in, to breathe in it, and explore it.

What’s this program about? 
We hitch a ride from the Bomokhang Port 
on one of the boats driven by Jeju native captains
and go to the Seopseom Island, 
where we can watch the seas and 
dive underwater for a snorkeling session.

Seopseom Island, an uninhabited island 

and Natural Monument No. 18 in Korea, 

is also called ”Supseom,” the island of forests, 

known for its lush trees. 

It is a majestic island of rock formations, rare plants, 

and evergreen and deciduous forests, surrounded by coral reefs. 

It is a hidden treasure of our captain from his childhood. 

Come summer, he and his friends would 

take a boat for a swim around the island :-)

Feel the winds and take in the sights 

as you journey to the Seopseom Island. 

If the weather is clear, 

you can see Hallasan Mountain in the distance. 

Once the captain anchors the ship, 

you can dive in and explore the seas with snorkeling gear.

Who are the captains in this journey? 
Let us introduce to you our three captains, 
who grew up in Bomok and know the seas better than anyone else. 

They will be our guide as we set out on the seas for Seopseom Island. 
They are even accredited diving instructors! 
There’s simply no one better to explore the seas with.

If you want to rent a suit for the snorkeling portion, 

please provide your gender, height, and weight 

along with the number of suits needed 

in the “option” field during your reservation. 

We’ll use the information you provided to 

pick out a suit for you. 

If you have a snorkeling suit of your own, 

feel free to wear it for the program.

Hopping tour is

Departure, entry, captain description 

and snorkeling preparation

Including about 60 minutes of snorkeling time,

It will take up to 2 hours.

When the water temperature is high, lash guards are sufficient.

However, you can also wear suits rented (for a fee, $10).

Showers are available.


Adult: $40

Children (under 12 years old) $35

- Rental of suits 10,000 won (only life jackets can be worn in summer and suits rented when water temperature is low)

11 am, 2 pm


Snorkeling equipment, life vests, shipping fares, lifesaving instructors, showers, towels


Bathing suit, ragguard, sunblock, beach towel (optional)

# Sunblocks or other cosmetic products with oxybenzone or octinoxate are lethal for coral reefs. 

   We ban their use during this tour and ask you to check the ingredients before coming to the program. 

   Help us protect the beautiful coral reefs of Seopseom Island :-)


- Minimum is 6 people. Departures will be canceled for reservations of 6 or fewer.

- Tour can be canceled due to bad weather. (100% refund)


Bomok Port ,Bomok-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island

Cancellation policy

Number of days prior to reservationCancellation fee
4day(s) or moreFull refund