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Meet the wild dolphins 

swimming across the seas of Jeju.

Take to the seas in search of 

wild dolphins with the captains 

who know the seas better than anyone.

Have you ever seen wild dolphins 

swimming across the sea?

 The “Jeju Wild Dolphin Watching” program 

takes us to a side of Jeju never seen before. 

Have a thrilling experience at the southwestern coast of Jeju, 

where the wild dolphins are most likely to appear!

Discover Jeju has opted to use Jeju fishermen’s ships 

as dolphin exploration vessels, rather than 

luxurious yachts or cruise ships.

Dolphins have been designated as an endangered species 

and are subject to protection. 

However, fishermen are not really pleased to 

see dolphins when they are fishing 

because dolphins drive fish away or 

sometimes caught in the net, causing fishery losses.

Nevertheless, if dolphins become an additional source 

of tourism revenue, fishermen might take 

the lead in protecting dolphins!

Thus, our wild dolphin discovery tour with 

native Jeju fishermen is not an expensive yacht tour,

but a win-win tourism product that is offered to 

tourists at a reasonable price.


Our package is perfect for those who love dolphins, 

those who are interested in protecting wild dolphins, 

or those who want to ride across the blue seas.

Are there really wild dolphins in Jeju? 

Jeju’s seas are home to about 120 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. 

They were quite a common sight to the people of the coast, 

who often saw them while swimming or on a fishing boat. 

Jedori, Chunsami, Sampari, Taesani, and Boksuni, 

who were freed from dolphin shows in Jeju, 

have recently been joined by Geumdeung and Daepo 

thanks to the support and love of many people. 

They have even managed to have baby dolphins!

Wild Dolphin Watching on Broadcast

제주MBC 테마기행 길 2017.3.15 방영
Tvn & otvn 주말엔숲으로 2017.4.5 / 12 일 방영
Kbs 2 배틀트립 2017.4.15 방영
KBS 1 인간극장 ‘봄날의 고래를 본적이 있나요’ 2017.4.17~21 방영
SBS PLUS ‘떠나요 둘이서’ 2017.5.25 방영
일본 TV 도쿄 ‘미래를 여는 지팡구’ 6월19일 방영
KBS 1 구석구석 대한민국 행복한지도 2017.11.25 방영

<KBS2 "The Return of Superman"> 

 Tour Schedule

- Assembly and Roll Call

-  Captain’s instructions and interesting story about dolphins

- Wearing a life jacket and boarding the ship

- Visit to an area dolphins are known to frequent[Mac Kim 1]

- Encounter with dolphins

- Return to port

Price Detail

- Life jacket

- Boat and dolphin watching cruise fee



- Do not approach a dolphin within a radius of 50 m.

- Be careful when approaching and observing dolphins, 

  and reduce speed when sailing within 50 meters of a dolphin.

- Do not touch and feed the dolphins.

- Do not make sudden or loud noises around the dolphins.

Important booking information

- Voucher is only valid for selected dates and time slots

- Please adhere to safety regulations and rules aboard the boat

-Please do not feed or touch dolphins

- Boat will depart on time, please arrive promptly at meeting point

- If total number of passengers is below 5 (the minimum requirement for this trip), 

  you will be informed 1 days prior to departure


14-33, Dongilhamo-ro 98beon-gil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea 

동일리포구(Dongil-ri Port)

Cancellation policy

Number of days prior to reservationCancellation fee
4day(s) or moreFull refund