What is a Leaves Treasure Map?

We do not want kids to keep staring at their phones while walking on the street.

Instead of drinking in the refreshing scenery of the green forest,

they choose to turn on YouTube videos

because in their minds there is nothing special about trees,

which are basically everywhere in apartment gardens and school grounds.

Unless they pay close attention to the trees, they might think

all the needle-leaf trees are pine trees while all the broadleaf trees are maple trees.

Whenever they are asked “What kind of tree is this?” they might say “It is just a random tree!”

They have to learn how to become eco-friendly. Otherwise, all the living organisms in the forest will not be respected.

We started to work on this project, desperately hoping that it would enable kids to pay attention to all of nature’s blessings.

You will feel something while walking along a forest path;

however, it is difficult to articulate what you feel.

It is true that you can know as much as you see.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of effort to remember all the shapes of the trees and their leaves.

That is why we decided to show you what each tree leaf looks like.

Out of the joy of finding hidden treasures, you will get to know every leaf in the forest and develop an ability to remember different types of trees.

As you get to know leaves, trees, and the forest better, you will ultimately see the true face of Jeju Island as well!

We aim to take one step forward to achieving sustainable tourism.

Once the treasure hunt is finished, you will be given small “gifts” by local residents.

This small-scale project was created to help local residents make their own income 

for all the efforts that they have put into protecting and preserving the surrounding nature. 

We prepared this project to benefit the local community in social, cultural, and economic ways. 

Local residents who have been the guardians of the forest will accompany you throughout 

the entire process of walking in the forest and finding hidden treasures. You can even expect to receive small treats.

Starting with the tree leaves, we began by developing

new models of the program involving shells and insects, on which we have already filed patent applications.

We are planning to offer you a variety of treasure hunts using ecological resources from Jeju.

Your continued interest and support will be greatly appreciated!

Leaves treasure map

Patent - application registration completed!


- $15


- Start at 11 am

- Within 60 minutes

Minimum Maximum

-5 or more, The maximum number of people is 20


- If you are late, you can not tour.

- Please be aware of the time of gathering.

- Cancellation due to natural disasters or organizers will result in a 100% refund.


- 동백동산 습지센터 Dongbaek-ro, 77, Jochon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

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