There is no answer to life.

Life can be fun.

But, ironically, it can be miserable as well.

You might wonder

whether you are doing okay,

what it means to live a good life,

whether you are having a meaningless life,

or how you could be a little happier.

You often feel anxious about 

your future as it is full of uncertainties

or you suffer without being able to let go of past hurts.

Without knowing why,

you cannot simply make up your mind.

Are you okay with that?

Discover Jeju’s Heart-to-heart Trip,

which aims to soothe and heal your mind

by using photos to show what you really feel.

What is Heart-to-heart Trip

by the way?

Heart-to-heart Trip

is a photo therapy session led by

Lee Gyeom, a therapist trained in 

photo therapy techniques.

Photo therapy is a program which enables you

to look into your mind through photography

and reflect on who you truly are.

You will see through yourself

and understand the conditions you are in

through the process of confrontation, 

introspection, and reflection.

How does

Heart-to-heart Trip work?

Heart-to-heart Trip sees through you and talks about you

by looking at a series of photos that are prepared for each session

You will follow the journey through photos,

which will naturally turn into a therapy session.

You can make a request to

have your session at a gallery café in Aewol

or at outdoor spaces such as

along a forest path or on a parasitic cone

when the weather is good.

It can be a 1:1 private therapy session

or a small group session along with others.

It takes at least two hours to finish the session,

which might vary depending on circumstances.

Heart-to-heart Trip invites everyone

to participate in a photo therapy session.

You will be able to heal your broken heart just like others

by looking at your photos and sharing your story.

We are all unique beings.

Even if we take a photo of the same thing

in the exactly same place at an exactly same time,

the result will not be the same,

which corresponds to the fact that we are all different.

Heart-to-heart Trip will help you

find your “true inner self’ whom you did not think even existed.

Please note that

you can certainly get better with us.

Take out the box

that you have put away deep in your mind.

Heart-to-heart Trip will become

one of the most heartwarming trips you have ever had.

Who is the photo therapist

Lee Gyeom?

Lee Gyeom is a photographer and writer,

holding a First-grade Victim Counseling Certificate.

What is more important than what is written in his resume

is that he is the kind of person

who can read your photo and listen to your story.

With photo therapist Lee Gyeom,

you will be able to enjoy a special trip to your heart.


per person $150


-It takes up to 2 hours.


100% will be refunded if canceled due to natural disaster or organizer's convenience.


(CAFE LAPO) 1265 Haga-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Cancellation policy

Number of days prior to reservationCancellation fee
4day(s) or moreFull refund