A Day in the Wollyeong Port 

with Jeju Bbakbbaki Skin Scuba

Option 1. A Day in the Wollyeong Port

A one-day package with diving experience, lunch, rest, and unlimited snorkeling.

Suits, equipment, and shower use are included as well.

- This is an affordable day package with the best of Jeju’s underwater programs.

1-hour diving experience, delicious lunch, unlimited snorkeling

Snorkeling Point

Option 2. Snorkeling only

A lighter program offering snorkeling, and snorkeling only.

Three-hour snorkeling with equipment and shower are included.


Option 1. A Day in the Wollyeong Port: $100

Option 2. Snorkeling only: $20


- Tour can be canceled due to bad weather.

- Visitors who are intoxicated or unwell are prevented from joining the diving experience.

- We recommend that visitors refrain from airplane flights within 12 hours 

  after the diving experience to prevent decompression sickness from nitrogen retention.


317 Wolryeong-ri, Hallim-eub, Cheju, Jeju-do

Cancellation policy

Number of days prior to reservationCancellation fee
4day(s) or moreFull refund