Jeju Starry Night Sky Photography 

and Light painting Experience

Jejugrapher (Starry Night Studio)

A canvas of stars and light!

Create the most memorable photograph of your life 

with light painting art under Jeju’s starry skies.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself having a romantic night in Jeju, 

under the light of a thousand stars.

Bring this picture into reality with the Jejugrapher. 

We record the brightest moment of your trip in Jeju.

Jejugrapher captures the light of the shining stars in a photograph 

so you will always remember this time. 

Capture that shining moment in a photograph.

How do we do that?
Jejugrapher requires a location to be prepared with special equipment. 
Jeju’s weather is fickle and unpredictable, but not to worry. 
Our photography expert will choose the best location 
for the day and notify the participants on the same day. 
We gather under the night sky of Jeju and spend 
two hours taking and processing the photographs.

This way, you can take home the shining moment of your trip. 

But remember, Jejugrapher is brought to you 

by Jeju’s skies, and Jeju’s skies alone. 

The lights shining in the darkness are the brightest in the sky, 

and Jeju’s lack of artificial light really brings out the best of the night.

Get to know how to paint a picture with light. 

Our light painting expert is there to help your picture shine. 

Light painting pieces are beautiful by itself, 

but it is even more interesting 

if you are there to take part in the process yourself.

Price: $40

Time: Starting from September to May 20:00

                June-August 21:00

Price Detail

  •  Guidance of Professional photographer
  •  Light painting experience
  •  Artistic photo shooting
  •  3 edited digital photos
  •  30 original digital photos

How to use: e-Voucher

Important booking information

  • If total number of passengers is below 5 (the minimum requirement for this trip), you will be informed 1 days prior to departure
  • The tour may be canceled duo to inclement weather conditions. The supplier will contact travelers and update the latest information
  • Full refunds will be offered in the event of tour cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances
  • It is advisable to wear warm clothing to this tour
  • 3 edited photos will be sent by e-mail within 1 week after the tour
  • Camera renting is available on-site with a rental fee of ₩10,000


Pacific Rim Park , Sangmo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do

Cancellation policy

Number of days prior to reservationCancellation fee
4day(s) or moreFull refund